Oishi Kitchen

286 Chapel St, Prahran


I happened to be wandering past this place while on my lunch break and thought I’d give it a go.  They were advertising lunch specials on bentos and dons.  Inside there was quite an industrial aesthetic.  Tables were separated by steel and reinforced glass partitions and warehouse style lampshades hung over the tables.  Bare plywood sheets adorned one wall above some bench seating, above which was a long back-lit shelf which contained a number of Asian beverages and drinking vessels.  The weathered timber wall which hid the kitchen was painted in various pastel colours adding some pizzaz to the decor.


The place was reasonably busy and the clientele was mostly Asian which I consider a good sign for any place selling Asian food.  The menu was quite extensive and I’d like to come back here for a full meal but I chose the sukiyaki beef don.  Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish made with meat, fresh vegetables and noodles simmered in a sweet soy based soup.  Once the ingredients are fully cooked, you dip them into a raw beaten egg and eat.  Don is short for donburi, a type of Japanese dish where a selection of toppings are laid over a bowl of rice.  Sukiyaki don is a combo where a whole sukiyaki dish is piled over the rice, to make the ultimate one person hot pot / rice bowl meal.


The meal arrived with a bowl of miso, which always flummoxes me a little as I’m never sure whether you’re supposed to use the spoon or drink from the bowl so I do a little of both.  The meal was a hearty serving and had a side of salad.  Showing my chopstick prowess I initially tried to eat it with the wrong ends of the chopsticks but once I cleared that minor hurdle I enjoyed the dish.  The beef and egg are a surprising good combo and for $9.50, it’s a meal that’ll definitely see you through to dinner time without seeking out an afternoon snack.  I’ll definitely be back to sample more of the Japanese/Korean menu.

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