Hawker Hall

98 Chapel St, Windsor



I really wanted to like Hawker Hall.  I liked the premise, it has great pedigree, and the vibe on entry was bustling.  We had to wait over an hour for a table but the service was very fast once we were seated.  Unfortunately that where things started to come unstuck.  We ordered the  chefs menu at $55 each.  We were feed a succession of dishes until we were stuffed.  However not one of those dishes was particularly good and at worst were barely edible.  The presentation was also fairly rough, although I guess it’s supposed to be street food inspired.


The charcoal chicken in particular tasted primarily of charcoal rather than chicken and this dish was left unfinished.

The multiple wait staff dealing with our table also started to get confused and brought us dishes we’d already had on multiple occasions.

With Windsor already having more than its fair share of great Asian restaurants I can’t see myself returning to Hawker Hall in a hurry – and that’s the shame, what a missed opportunity.  I have no doubt the restaurant will be financially successful for some time due to the Chris Lucas buzz and high clientele turnover in the area but I’m not sure it will be based on the merits of the restaurant.

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2 thoughts on “Hawker Hall

  1. Been waiting for this review. The combination of waiting, average food and average presentation doesn’t sound tempting at all.

  2. I had a really different experience there. I found the service to be on point and the food to be pretty great to be honest.. Sucks you had such a bad experience but honestly you should definitely go back. Love this place, love the vibe.

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