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119 Chapel St, Windsor



I stumbled upon this new restaurant last night so immediately gave it a try.  I was particularly interested as I’d been to Cambodia earlier in the year and not only tried amok, I’d learned to make it in a cooking school.  Amok is one of the most traditional dishes of Cambodia and is a curried fish dish steamed in a banana leaf.

The styling of the restaurant would have to be described as varied at best.  There are many traditional Asian pieces around the room including paintings and stone busts.  These are interspersed with pieces that might normally be found in a restaurant with industrial styling including a large sign spelling AMOK behind the bar, made of what appears to be steel guttering and a large lighting fixture which is basically a roll of wire fencing with an LED strip through it.

The waitress who greeted us was very friendly and helpful.  Obviously the liquor licence hasn’t come through yet as currently the restaurant is BYO only so I was directed to the bottle store a few doors down to pick up some wine or beer.

The menu is full of mouth-watering flavours of Cambodia but many had a more modern Western twist as well.  Divided in ‘small’, ‘to share’ and ‘big’, we chose cured salmon with pomegranate and a young coconut dressing in a betel leaf, and naked prawn with chocolate bacon, smoked paprika, mayo and gherkin in a slider bun from the ‘small’ section for starters.


For mains we chose char grilled quail with puff rice, pickled papaya, longan fruit and tamarind dressing from the ‘to share’ menu and the fish amok with Tasmanian salmon from the ‘big’ section.  Oddly the char grilled quail was marked as a vegetarian option as was another dish with octopus so there maybe a cultural translation issue there.


The prawn slider and salmon in betel leaf were presented very nicely and the salmon dish in particular was delicious.  I got the prawn slider as the chocolate bacon intrigued me.  The chocolate flavour wasn’t prominent but it still tasted fantastic.


The quail was cooked nicely however the puffed rice in the salad did give me the impression of somebody pouring Rice Bubbles over my meal.  That said, it was still very good.  I thought the Tassie salmon was an odd choice for the amok since I believe it’s normally done with a white fish however I love salmon so who am I to complain and there are many many variations on how to cook an amok.  The result was excellent with a lovely curry flavour but if you’re looking for any heat in your curry though this is not what you’re after.  Cambodian food in general is much less spicy than some of its other South East Asian neighbours.


I think Amok has a lot going for it. I certainly want to go back and try other items on the menu.  There are a lot of Asian restaurants in the area but no other Cambodian ones that I know of.  This may be a boon for people who like Asian food at the milder end of the spice scale.  The modern take on traditional food seems to be well done.  The chef came out to chat to some of the diners about their experiences so they’re obviously not afraid of feedback.

I think the main issue the restaurant is facing is the decor.  It doesn’t have a modern Asian feel like other local restaurants such as Saigon Sally, Tokyo Tina and Mr Miyagi.  It’s sort of a half way house between modern and traditional and as such it lacks consistency and vibe.  They may not have the decor budget of these other restaurants however a simple consistent style could work wonders for the place.  The fact is, the only reason I was in Amok in the first place was that Tokyo Tina and Mr Miyagi had waits well in excess of an hour to get a table so it seems to be interior design is money well spent.

I imagine getting a liquor licence will be a priority for the owners as that’s generally where the best profits are.  I also think the menu needs a bit of a tidy up.  Beyond describing non-vegetarian meals as vegetarian, the descriptions of the meals could use work.

It would be a shame if these issues held the restaurant back from being a success as it certainly wouldn’t be the food at fault.  Let’s hope they know how to run Amok.

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Shanghai Street

145 Chapel Street Windsor 3181


So it’s been quite a while since my last review.  Apologies for that, but there are now a few new places for me to try.  Last weekend I popped into Shanghai Street – purveyors of xiao long bao and dumplings.

This restaurant is the baby sister restaurant to the Shanghai Street in Little Bourke St in the city and is at the site where Haruaki used to be.  First impressions are that the “reno” seems to consist of painting everything poo brown and sticking a Coke machine in the corner.  Certainly the focus hasn’t been on decor or vibe so hopefully the food is able to make up for it.

   2015-05-09 20.22.14

After we got the prerequisite Tsingtao beers in, we ordered some traditional xiao long bao (pork filled steamed buns) and some pan fried pork dumplings.  Get some pork on your chopstick doesn’t have quite the same ring to it but I like pork so I was happy to double up.  For the main we decided to share the stir fried eye fillet and garlic and cashew nuts.  Well cashew nut singular according to the menu but I was secretly hoping for more, especially since we were sharing.  A fight over a single cashew using chopsticks is always going to get messy.


Oddly, since it was supposed to be the main, it was the eye fillet that arrived first.  The fact that it was sitting prouder than a honeymooners dick on a leaf of iceberg lettuce let us know that it was the dish we’d ordered rather than them just clearing up some doggy do from their pet German Shepard which they mistakenly left on our table.  It wasn’t pretty, but we’d already determined that aesthetics wasn’t what this restaurant was about.  Luckily the meat was juicy and tender with lovely flavours, plenty of garlic… and more than one nut.


No long into our first bite, the xiao long bao and the dumplings turned up as well which required a bit of jostling to fit onto the table.  It was quite a sizable amount of food.  Luckily, I can eat a sizable amount of food.


The xiao long bao gave the impression of the pork being under done… but maybe they’re supposed to be that pink, I’m not sure.  It didn’t stop me from eating them, and they were pretty good but they were a lot better once I discovered the tin of chilli in oil on the table.  The chilli definitely added an extra taste dimension and is highly recommended.  The pan fried dumplings were more than a mouthful and very tasty.  Again, the chilli oil improved them significantly.

Would I go back?  Well, it was a good meal at a reasonable price in a less than salubrious environment.  And really that could be in any one of dozens of Chinese restaurants in inner Melbourne.  So, I guess whether I go back might be proportional to how many beers I’ve had and my prevailing care factor of poo brown decor.

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Note: This is for CBD restaurant as the Chapel St one isn’t on Urban Spoon yet.



97 Chapel St, Windsor



I had visited the Thai restaurant that used to reside at this site a number of times but for some reason I hadn’t got around to going to Ayatana until now although I’d heard good things.  After it opened it seemed to be very quiet for quite a few weeks – before obviously word of mouth got around and now it is often full.  As soon as you walk in you can tell Ayatana is a more refined experience than its predecessor.  The décor is simple but classic, and the lighting is muted.  A good date destination I imagine.

The restaurant is small but you know what they say about good things.  The tables soon fill up but it doesn’t feel overly crowded.  The service is prompt and polite.  The menu is full of so many items that sound delicious none of us come to a quick decision over what to order.  In the end we selected the pan seared Japanese scallops, the minced pork and prawn rice paper rolls, and the five spiced duck breast steamed buns.

4 3 5

All of the entrees are delicious and presently beautifully.  A lot of care and attention has gone into the food and it’s obvious.  For mains, we ordered the hot, sweet and sour crispy barramundi fillets, the slow cooked massaman curry, and the roasted macadamia and cashew nuts stir fried with chicken breast fillets.  I had the barramundi and it was fantastic.  Just the right amount of kick, and the sweet and sour were balanced perfectly.  The barramundi was also nice and crispy.  By all accounts the other two mains were very well received as well.  I was impressed with the presentation of the stirfry in particular as too often that can just be a pile on a plate with no care in the presentation.  It also had a nice bite without being overpowering.

7 8 6

There were so many things that I missed out on trying I’ll definitely head back here soon to try more of it.  I can hear the pork belly calling me.  When the worst bit of the meal is when your scallop falls off its perch of sliced Granny Smith apple, you know you have very little to complain about.  Ayatana isn’t into trendy, it’s just into good food.

Note: There is also a take away menu available.

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Basque Tapas and Wine

159 Chapel St, Windsor



Basque Tapas has been serving up Spanish food since 2003 but I haven’t eaten there before other than for a quick lunchtime burger with their $10 deal. On Friday night I popped in for a late dinner. The restaurant was reasonably quiet for 9:30pm so we took a seat in the street side outdoor alcove. The menus were delivered quickly although it took quite some time for our orders to be taken.

The menu is mainly tapas but there were also a few full meals and paella to share. There were also set menus available. The tapas seemed pricey to make a meal of, so we decided to share a wild rabbit and chicken paella, and start with the black pudding pan seared with apple and sage on bread, and patatas bravas picante, which are crispy potatoes served with aioli and spicy tomato sauce.


We also ordered a bottle of the house merlot from a wine menu that seemed over-priced. On the way home I noticed the house wine was selling at $8 a bottle at the store a few shops down so the $35 they were charging seemed a bit rich, even with restaurant mark up.

Points for authenticity go to the waitress taking our order. Her Spanish accent was strong enough to make her a little difficult to understand. The staff in general were friendly and helpful.


The potatoes were nice enough and a good sized helping. Perhaps it was a stretch to describe them as crispy on the menu though. The black pudding was excellent and I’d definitely have that again (excuse it being half eaten the photo). The paella was very good although the rabbit on the bone made eating a little difficult. It was a good helping and we were too full at the end of it to consider the desserts menu. I’m sure the staff appreciated this as we were the last people in the restaurant.

Everything about Basque was satisfactory without being standout. Still, it’s probably your best option for authentic Spanish in Prahran/Windsor if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s also your only option.

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Melt Pizza

171 Chapel St, Windsor



Melt is a new pizza restaurant which aims to bring the traditional Napoli pizza to Chapel St, but with a modern twist.

The restaurant has a bright and modern feeling with white tiles and terracotta roof tiles on the wall, and the large stone pizza oven in the corner cranked up to 400 degrees.  In addition to the indoor seating, there is alfresco seating out the front and back of the restaurant, and a private room.


There is no shortage of hipster staff who were all very friendly, although shouldn’t the beardy ones be wearing beardnets?  The ordering process allows you to either pick a pizza from the menu or create your own from the large array of ingredients.  Either way, all the pizzas are 11 inches (although I’m not sure if that’s measured by a girl or a guy).  The dough goes from ball to cooked pizza remarkably quickly especially given it takes just 2 minute to cook in the oven.


The pizza had a crispy thin base and stacked with enough rocket to disguise the fact that there were supposed to be prawns on there somewhere.  It was very tasty and had a good chilli kick.  My sole complaint is that leaving tails on the prawns makes the pizza very messy to eat so I’d rather they were removed prior to cooking.


The restaurant is licenced and has a small but reasonable collection of wines and beers and ciders.  They also sell salads, panuozzos (woodfired sandwiches), doughballs, meatballs and gelato.  I think Melt is on to a good thing, and it was certainly busy enough to suggest it’ll be very successful.

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50 Chapel St, Windsor


Maybe this place is a step above your average takeaway pizza joint but I’m not sure it offered enough to make me come rushing back.  The decor is inviting with Italian rustic charm and makes the most of the exposed red brick walls.  The waitress took ages to serve us as she was setting out cutlery on empty tables rather than serving the few customers they already had.  She was friendly but made me repeat my beer order a number of times until I got the Italian pronunciation correct – a bit like being back in school.

I ordered gnocchi ragu from the specials board, and my friends choose the linguine pescatore and the caprese pizza.  Ten minutes after ordering the waitress returned and asked my friend who ordered the linguine if it was food.  Or at least that’s what the three of us heard her ask even though it made no sense.  He said yes and she walked off happy.  She returned another five minutes later to ask if the linguine was with Napoli sauce or olive oil as she’d failed to ask when taking the order.  It was starting to not bode well for his meal.


When the food finally arrived it was all good hearty Italian fare so I can’t complain about the meals.  The pizza base was light and crispy and was cooked in a traditional wood fired oven.  The pastas were tasty and reasonable portions.  With more attentive service, the restaurant could certainly be quite appealing.

pizza linguine

Apologies to the random nature of the photos, I accidentally deleted half the photos from this evening.

One highlight of the place is, if you decide to get spaghetti and get sauce all over yourself, don’t worry too much, there is a shower in the bathroom – if you don’t mind standing on the Japanese rock garden.


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Montrose 1887

34 Chapel St, Windsor


To be honest we only walked in here by accident, but when we got in there and realised we were the only potential customers in the place I felt too bad to leave.  Montrose 1887, has only been open a couple of months, not 127 years as the name might suggest, so now seemed like as good a time as any to review it.


The reno since it was Dino’s Cafe has been done tastefully although I had to hold myself back from going on a light bulb smashing rampage as yet another restaurant has gone down the naked Edison bulb path of lighting.  Is there no creative lighting left?  I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a place that didn’t have these lights.


Given we were the only customers in there, we took our pick of the many tables available and took one near the entrance.  The staff were very attentive, as you would hope given the situation.  The menus we were given were broken up into tapas, mains and a couple of desserts and we decided to try a couple of the tapas items each.  We ordered the saffron chilli chicken pinchos with lime tomatillo salsa, the butterflied local prawns in a sizzling jerk sauce, the tostaditas with pulled pork, guacamole, enoki mushrooms, pickled carrots and salsa, and the yucca croquettes with mojo.

The food was presented very nicely – and I’d love to show you nice photos of it, but even though we were sitting directly under 3 light bulbs, they failed to give off enough light to get a decent photo.  The croquettes were served in a mini deep-frying basket and cut to look like fat chips.  They were crispy and delicious.  The chicken skewers were okay but being cut from breast they were a little dry.  The prawns were very nice as was the jerk sauce.  I think I actually finished them without making any jerk sauce jokes too which was a pretty good effort.  The tostaditas looked a picture and were a great flavour combination.

meal1 meal2

A couple of tapas each was not particularly filling but it’d be an expensive exercise to try to satisfy a big hunger here.  Luckily there is a pizza joint over the road so I got a large Windsor Classico on the way home.

Special mention must go to the bathroom decor though.  Although the restaurant lighting may be passé, it’s the first time I’ve seen a massive bouy in a bathroom (except for that incident at Summadayze 2006).  I was very tempted to climb up on it Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball style.  And who doesn’t love a talking penis poster?

toilet1 toilet2

All in all though, it’s definitely worth sticking your head into this cafe located directly over the road from Windsor Station.  Hopefully it’ll be a bit busier when you visit.

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Parlour Diner

64 Chapel St, Windsor

Gourmet Burgers

I think Parlour Diner is attempting to recreate a more authentic American diner vibe than the caricatured 1950s soda pop style that has long had a presence in Melbourne.  The decor is definitely understated but not particularly boring.  For instance I can’t think of any practical reason to hang wooden ladders from ceiling.  The bakelite lighting on the wall and the jukebox is probably the only obvious nod to the 1950s.  The music certainly wasn’t 1950s though, it was a fantastic selection of late 80s early 90s hard rock.  Gunners FTW!

The menu is burger focused but there are a few other options available including the American favourites of BBQ ribs, chilli buffalo wings, fried chicken and even a couple of salads, which are possibly not American favourites.  Luckily I brought along my token American friend to vouch for the authenticity of the food.


I ordered the chicken burger with a side of curly fries and my seppo friend ordered the roast corn & tomatilla salad with a side of jalapeno poppers.  I also ordered a choc and peanut butter milkshake from their interesting selection.  It was a tough choice between that and the Orio cookie one as to which I thought was most American.  The place is licenced and has a reasonable selection of drinks and cocktails from which my friend ordered a glass of pinot noir.  There are also a few American classics in the soda section such as Dr Pepper.

The drinks were first to arrive and I was impressed with the milkshake.  It came it the old style aluminium cup (or should that be aluminum) with a paper straw and it looked remarkably similar to the one on the milkshake flyer.  It had a good dollop of ice cream in it and the peanut butter taste was quite intense.  I’d definitely recommend this if you’re one of the seemingly few humans left that don’t have peanut allergies.


The sides came out quite a bit ahead of the mains but it wasn’t really an issue as they were just snacky things.  Hats off to the amount of curl they get into their curly chips.  They’ve got the whole loop going on there.  They’re crisp and have a decent hint of spice on them and the dipping sauce is a great accompaniment.  I hadn’t tried jalapeno poppers before and they were pretty interesting.  They were battered in a corn dog style batter that was quite doughy and they were served with avocado and sour cream.  Apparently they can be done crumbed and stuffed with cheese.  This sounds more appealing to me as I thought the dough was a bit heavy but they certainly packed a punch.   Keep that milkshake on standby.

fries poppers

When my burger arrived it was stacked high enough to require a skewer, although I’m suspicious that the only reason for the skewer is to make it look higher than it needs to be.  I decided slicing it in half was the best approach to avoid wearing it down my shirt.  The chicken was fried in a crispy batter and was nice and juicy.  The rest of the burger consisted of slaw, pickles, tomato, cheese and chipotle.  Extra sauces are available to add yourself if you’d like to add more.  The burger was really enjoyable and a lot better than ‘The Captain’ beef burger I’d had on a previous visit.   The salad my friend had was okay.  It was certainly quite an avocado heavy meal for her when combined with the poppers sauce.

burger salad

It was a satisfying meal and we were left too full to consider the dessert menu.  The only negative aspect of the meal was probably the price.  While it’s cheap compared to many restaurant meals, it’s definitely at the gourmet end of the pricing spectrum for burgers with most coming in at around $15 with no sides.  The meal came to about $60 for a main, side and drink each.  There is a happy hour with $4 Coronas though 🙂

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Mr Miyagi

99 Chapel St, Windsor



Let’s cut straight to the chase.  This place is fucking fantastic and you should go.  If that’s not enough for you and you want to know why, then read on.  I have a feeling this might be a long one though.

We rocked up at 7:30pm on a Thursday and were told that there would be a 45 minute wait for a table, so they took a mobile number and we went to a bar.  At this point it’s fairly easy to tell that the place is doing much better than its predecessor in this location which lasted literally 3 weeks before folding.

We got the call 45 minutes later as promised.  There was a bit of a wait at the front while people paid their bills so perhaps separating the check-out and check-in functions might be a good idea but it’s a minor quibble and the maître d’ was hot so we’ll let it slide.  We were given a seat at the bar which, as it turns out, is a fantastic place to sit.  The decor is industrial with polished concrete floors and walls that are a combination of raw brick, corrugated cardboard panels painted black, and flat panels painted with what appears to be a large Japanese Pac-Man character.  It is lit with naked Edison bulbs dropping low from the ceiling.

photo 2

The menu is divided into 4 sections named, with a nod to the arcade game “Mortal Kombat”, Rounds 1 through 3 and “Finish Him”, the desserts section.   It is also littered with  amusing quotes from Mr Miyagi such as “Mr M says man with one chopstick go hungry”.

Round 1

We selected the tuna cracker, the black pig gyoza and the Miyagi fried chicken.  When the yellow fin tuna cracker arrived it looked amazing topped with its ball of saké sorbet.  The waiter effused over how each ingredient added to the total flavour and was greater than the sum of the parts.  I tried to take a small bite to sample it but this pretty much led to the destruction of the entire stack and was such a debacle that I forgot to really taste it.  Apparently it’s amazing though, particularly the tomato confit.  The next to arrive was the black pig gyoza.  I’m not sure how much difference the pig being black makes but these were delicious.  Full of flavour and excellent consistency, and the dipping sauce had a nice chilli kick.  The true winner though was the Miyagi fried chicken.  It arrived, along with dish of Japanese mayo, in a cute ‘MFC’ takeaway box lined with Japanese newspaper.  If The Colonel had come up with this recipe maybe he wouldn’t have been turned away 1009 times before he found a backer.  This really was the shizz.

photo 4 photo 5 photo 2 (1)

Sitting at the bar we got talking to the friendly bar staff.  Their enthusiasm for their job was obvious and their skill and knowledge of the ingredients was impressive.  I definitely came away with more knowledge of saké than I arrived with.  The barman wearing a Kamikaze head band (which isn’t racist because he was given it by a Japanese person apparently) offered us a sample of a couple of the sakés before we selected the Umenoyado Gin Junmai Ginjo.  It was served cold, and was quite floral.  We also drank Orion beer from Okinawa which was very fresh tasting.  One of the bar staff also gave us a sample of the white chocolate saké foam used to top one of the cocktails.  It was very rich but I put that cocktail on the must try list for later in the evening.  It was good to see a bulberator put to a practical use.

photo 3

Round 2

Sitting at the bar had given us a chance to see the two chefs in action.   The only Japanese staff that I saw, these knife ninjas were very impressive to watch.  For round 2 we selected the 21 piece large Nigiri and Sashimi combo. The fish was all top quality and very fresh, and was absolutely delicious.  One of the knife ninjas catapulted himself onto the bar in front of us to inquire as to whether we were enjoying it.  I asked about one particular cut of sashimi and it turns out it was Japanese Kingfish seared with a blow torch.  So so good!  I saw the chefs filling water balloons at one point and after inquiring about it I was told that they were frozen and then burst, and used to serve the monster combo on.  I wish I’d ordered the monster combo now.

photo 3 (1)

Back to Round 1

We were enjoying the food so much we decided to sample more of it and ordered the Wagu beef tataki.  The beef was wafer thin and just melted in your mouth.  Each slice was wrapped around shredded carrot and garlic crisps.  This dish is a must try.

photo 4 (1)

At this point we’re quite a few beers and sakés in, so the one thing that is calling my name is more of that Miyagi fried chicken.  It’s honestly so good!  I never thought of using mayo on fried chicken before but it really worked well.

Throughout the night the music had jumped around a bit but was always fun.  When I went to the bathroom (which has some pretty amusing decoration by the way) some random stopped me to tell me how impressed he was with the music.  It turns out the staff have a tablet hooked up to Spotify so they just play whatever they feel like and were even taking requests from patrons.  I got them to play Toto – Africa which seemed to feel right after Kim Carnes – Betty Davis Eyes.

photo 5 (1)

Currently the bar is only licenced until 11pm (application for later licence pending) and the kitchen closes around the same time so we wrapped things up with the white chocolate saké foam topped cocktail although it probably had more caffeine in it than was sensible for that time of night.   The bill arrived in an envelope labeled “The Damage” but considering I’d had the best Japanese food I’d ever had, I wasn’t too concerned about the contents.  Do yourself a favour and get along to this fantastic restaurant.

photo 3 (2)photo 2 (2)

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144 Chapel St, Windsor



Fonda in Windsor is younger sister restaurant to Fonda in Richmond.  It’s a large double fronted building in glass and white.  The interior is white brick walls with windows along one wall which face directly into the brick wall of the building next door.  Top view!  A large section of the indoor seating is allocated to the open kitchen and service area, with tables crammed into the rest of the space.  There is also some street seating.  The effect is modern rustic, but it’s definitely doesn’t scream Mexico and this seems to be on purpose.

The night I went was very busy, as it is often, but we were given a small table near the front window, next to the bar seating.   This did provide a great view of the shapely legs of the two girls sitting at the bar next to us.  My friend admired their shoes, I admired their legs.  Win win.   Fonda doesn’t take bookings so it’s a matter of trying your luck.  It’s also an order at the bar and pay in advance arrangement like a takeaway joint.  In a small concession to being an actual restaurant they will deliver the food to your table.

The menu is very limited.  We order a burrito and a taco each, I ordered the chopped beef burrito and the fish taco, and my friend ordered the grilled chicken burrito and the crumbed zucchini taco.  We also ordered a couple of frozen margaritas.  I got the “Basil, Darling?” and my friend got the lychee and elderflower.

The margaritas arrived served in small jars.  I’m not sure of the point, but all the “cool” kids seem to be doing it these days.  A margarita should be served in a salt rimmed margarita glass.  They’re called margarita glasses for a reason.  That said, my orange, pineapple, basil and lemon margarita was quite nice.  I didn’t like the lychee one much but my friend did so we chose well.


I think if you order a burrito and a taco, the taco is the entree and should be served first.  This wasn’t the case here though.  The burrito arrived first, served on a plate with no accompaniments looking very bland.  It was small and cut into two halves.  We swapped half a burrito each so we could try both.  The beef one was mediocre with no spice to it.  The chicken was slightly better but still not great and also no kick.


When the tacos arrived and they looked pretty dire on the plate.  The fish was crumbed and had a sprinkle of red cabbage and carrot on it.  The zucchini one looked like it had a few more interesting ingredients on it at least.  The fish in mine tasted okay, although I would have preferred it not crumbed, but the rest of it tasted pretty plain and certainly not worth $7.


I know this place was busy so they’re doing something right, but I’m not sure what it is.  Marketing no doubt.  The food is over priced, dull, and the servings are small.  You’d be much better of going across the road to Mad Mex and getting a burrito there for a fraction of the cost and a proper serving size.  You could even add your preferred level of spice.  Much less wanky.

I probably should have just gone to the tequila bar upstairs and got hammered instead.

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